Training seminar on public procurement  –  Scuola di Perfezionamento per le  per le Forze di Polizia.  

On 28 March and 4 April 2023, a training seminar on public procurement was held at the Scuola di Perfezionamento per le Forze di Polizia. It was organized by the Public Security Department, Police Forces’ Coordination and Planning Office – Technical Administrative Secretariat for the Management of European Funds and National Operational Programmes. This event was attended by more than 180 members of Police Forces and Civil Personnel of the Ministry of the Interior.
This event was aimed at strenghtening the administrative skills of the offices in charge of the managing of the National Programme for Internal Security Fund 2014-2020, as well as of the European resources to be managed by the Public Security Department. It was focused on all the aspects concerning the procurement procedures for works, goods and services which are necessary to implement the financed projects. In particular, the seminar was divided into two different training modules: “Legislation in the field of public procurement” and “The implementation of public procurement and the emergency measures for expensive materials”.
The Deputy Director General of Public Security Department, responsible for the activity of Police Forces’ Coordination and Planning, Prefetto Stefano Gambacurta, opened the meeting. Prefetto Gambacurta, in his capacity as Competent Authority and Manager of the above-mentioned National Programme, as well as Authority for the Management of Borders and Visas 2021-2027, illustrated the training sessions and the purposes of the seminar, which was attended by outstanding lecturers, experts and members of the agency for the management of this sector (ANAC) as well as of the central commissioning body (CONSIP S.p.A.).
Along these two days, the Scuola di Perfezionamento represented, once more, the most important point of reference in the field of training, integration and exchange of expertise and best practices in relation to high level strategic topics for the good governance of public administration.