Advanced Training

Advanced Training Laboratory on global security

The t.SFP golden metal pin

The Advanced Training Course is designed to hone the scientific and professional expertise of Senior Officers from all the Italian Police Forces and improve their management and coordination skills, enabling them to achieve common methodologies and techniques to be used for the organization, the development and the coordination of their institutional activities.

Pursuant to a Decree issued by the Minister of the Interior, in concert with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Senior Police Officers from foreign law-enforcement agencies may be admitted to the course as auditors.

Upon successful completion of the course, all trainees are awarded the course attendance and completion certificate, bearing the signature of the Interior Minister, and earn the “Scuola di Perfezionamento per le Forze di Polizia – t.SFP” – Interagency Law Enforcement Academy of Advanced Studies – qualification (and a special golden metal pin), as well as the 2nd Master’s degree in “Security, interagency coordination and international cooperation”.