The Academy Director

The directorship of the Interagency Law-Enforcement Academy of Advanced Studies (SFP) is rotated among National Police Dirigenti Superiori (National Police Chief Officers’ Rank) and Major Generals from the Carabinieri and Guardia di Finanza Corps. The Director is appointed by Prime Minister’s Decree on a proposal from the Minister of the Interior. The Director serves a single, non-renewable 3-year term of office.

The post is currently held by the Italian Public Security Dirigente Generale Maurizio VALLONE

The Director of the Academy:

  • supervises all the activities of the Academy;
  • is responsible for the delivery of advanced and refresher courses;
  • coordinates the Academy Divisions and Offices;
  • issues policy statements regarding the proper functioning of the Academy, in terms of organization, administration, learning and discipline;
  • at the end of each Academic Year he prepares an Academy performance report addressing the learning activities as well as organizational and administrative aspects, and offers comments and proposals, where necessary;
  • performs any other duties conferred upon him by the Academy Regulation and by Ministerial Decrees implementing the Regulation.

Under the authority and control of the Director are two Divisions: “General Affairs, Personnel and Logistics” and “Studies, Research and Courses”.

The SFP Director is also the Italian Representative to the European Police College (CEPOL) Management Board and gives voice to the various training needs of the Italian Police Forces.

In the fulfilment of the duties conferred upon him, the SFP Director is assisted by the Academy internal offices and personnel.

Moreover, under the authority of the Director of the Academy is the Caserta-based International Advanced Training Institute for the Prevention and the Fight against Organized Crime.