A library is located at the Interagency Law Enforcement Academy of Advanced Studies. It has a bibliographical catalogue containing special issue books concerning, above all, legal matters related to Criminal, Administrative, International and European Law. At the moment, it consists of about 1.800 books divided into monographic and periodical publications. The courses’ attendees, the trainers of the Academy as well as all the personnel belonging to Police Forces can look at the books and publications of the library.

Some Internet points are located at the library and are available to the courses’ attendees who have to conduct a bibliographic research or look for documents.

Since 12 October 2017 the Library of the Academy has been part of the library pole named “RMG Legal Pole” under the authority of the Ministry of Justice and within the National Library System (SBN).

The membership to this Legal Pole entailed also the registration of the library into the Official List of the Italian Libraries, managed by the “Istituto centrale per il catalogo unico delle biblioteche italiane e per le informazioni bibliografiche” (ICCU). (Union Catalogue of Italian libraries and for bibliographic information).