Who we are

It is the first Institute in Europe for Senior Police Officers’ training

Provided for by Section 22 of Law no 121 of 1st April 1981, the Italian Interagency Law Enforcement Academy of Advanced Studies, which is attached to the Public Security Department of the Interior Ministry, is the unique training institute representing all the National Police Forces, as well as the first example of Interagency Academy in Europe. The target of the Academy is to spread the culture of coordination, not only at operational level but above all at training level. This culture is based and enhanced by the awareness of its moral and programmatic value which is appreciated by the Italian Police Forces who carry out their secular activity devoted to the Italian Nation and society. These principles represent the guidelines which are followed in the drafting of the complex and specific training plans provided for by the Academy to Italian and foreign Police Forces. It can be regarded as the European University providing, since October 1985, management and middle-management grade police officers with specific advanced training, thus giving significant momentum to the spreading of cross-border culture of coordination and cooperation thanks, inter alia, to the admission of foreign Senior Police Officers to the courses organized at the Academy.

The Interagency Law Enforcement Academy of Advanced Studies delivers the following activities:

  • advanced training courses;
  • refresher courses on interagency law-enforcement coordination and international cooperation;
  • crime analysis courses;
  • refresher courses for security experts;
  • study meetings and conferences in cooperation with Universities, cultural institutes and Italian as well as foreign specialized bodies;
  • other interagency training activities. In this respect, the National Unit of the European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Training (CEPOL) is based at the Academy. CEPOL provides for post-training to Police Forces’ personnel, with the aim of developing a European approach in the field of prevention and fight against crime.

Under the authority of the Interagency Law Enforcement Academy of Advanced Studies is the Caserta–based International Advanced Training Institute for the Prevention and Fight against Organized Crime. It organizes training, refresher and specialization courses on how to counter organized crime. Said courses are aimed at honing the professional expertise of Senior Officers from Italian and foreign Police Forces. This Institute was created in 2015 (by Decree of the Chief of Police- General Director of Public Security) with the aim of countering all the forms of criminal groups which are increasingly operating at global level and showing a well-organized and networking structure. The strategic action adopted by the Countries to counter crime cannot disregard the international coordination as well as the mutual knowledge and the spreading of best practices.