2nd Level Crime Analysis

The Crime Analysis Courses, consisting of two levels, are aimed at honing, in the framework of the interagency Law Enforcement coordination, professional expertise through the acquisition of common methodologies to better counter the criminal scenarios.

The II level Crime Analysis Course, which extends over a period of 6 weeks, is aimed at providing the trainees, who have already completed the Level I Course, with an in-depht analysis of criminal contexts, strategies and scenarios;

Upon completion of the course, the trainees have to pass a final exam before a proper board of teachers (D.P.R. no 423 of 11 June 1986,) on the subjects and issues studied during the training activity.

The final evaluation is based on the assessments made during the courses and the results of the final exam (D.P.R. no 423of 11 June 1986).

According to an Agreement signed between the Interagency Law Enforcement Academy of Advanced Studies and the Communications and Social Research Department at “La Sapienza” Rome University, ECTS credits are awarded to the courses’ attendees, in compliance with the provisions under Law no 240 of 30 December 2010.