Training activity on the analysis of  criminal contexts,  held at the Scuola di Perfezionamento

On 13 October  2023,  the  50th  First Level Crime Analysis Course came to an end. It had started on 11 September 2023 and was based on a three-day module focused on an in-depth study of the main dedicated databases used by judicial police. This training activity was attended by 22 Management Grade Police Officers/Officials  belonging to the four police forces.

Crime Analysis Courses consists in two training steps  (first and second level analysis) which are held in different periods. They  represent a unique example of joint activity providing  trainees with a  comprehensive training.

The learning activity of Crime Analysis Courses is aimed at spreading knowledge and awareness on the importance of   context and scenario analysis as a now essential tool to facilitate  the development of targeted and above all preventive strategies to combat complex criminal phenomena, including those involving assets.   At the end of the Course, the trainees have a final interview, focused on the issues and  topics which have been dealt with during the training activity, in front of a special  Commission.