CEPOL  Course 53/2023

Train-the-Trainers on EU Information Systems – Interoperability

The Scuola di Perfezionamento per le Forze di Polizia, which is the Institute committed to the advanced training of interagency police forces also at international level, is honored to hold the CEPOL Course 53/2023 “Train-the-Trainers on EU Information SystemsInteroperability”, which takes place  from 2 to 6 October 2023.

This activity is jointly organized by CEPOL (European Agency for the Training of Police Forces) and EU-LISA (European Union  Agency for the Operational Management of Large-Scale IT systems in the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice ).

The  33 trainees come from  EU Member States,  EU Associated Countries, as well as from  EUROPOL, FRONTEX, CEPOL and EU-LISA.

This Course is aimed at training the trainers so that the latter could  be able to run training activities at national level, to transmit the acquired knowledge as well as to hone the expertise of professional profiles as regards a better implementation and development of interoperability. This training programme is aimed at regularly  increasing awareness of interoperability.

The final task of the trainers is to raise awareness and increase knowledge on interoperabilty of large-scale IT systems, in order to exchange data and facilitate a targeted and rational sharing of information, as well as to prepare end-users to make the best use of existing information stored in EU systems, while fully respecting fundamental rights, including data protection guarantees.