Meeting on the reform of criminal justice held at the Scuola di Perfezionamento per le Forze di Polizia

In the morning of 6 April 2022, the meeting on the topic “The reform of justice” was held at the “Prefetto Carlo Mosca” Conference Hall. The Minister of Justice, Professor Marta Cartabia, participated in this event together with some prominent institutional authorities belonging to the judicial and academic circles.

In his welcome speech the Academy Director, Major General from the Carabinieri Corps Giuseppe La Gala, underlined that this event  is part of the curriculum of the  XXXVII Advanced Training Course, which this year  is focused on the study  and detailed analysis of the innovative initiatives provided for by the National Resilience and Recovery Plan (PNRR according to the Italian acronym), as well as on their   consequences on security.  Moreover, the Director highlithed that this meeting, intended to be an opportunity for the exchange of different points of view aimed at finding the most efficient  good practices, represents the peculiar training pattern of the Scuola di Perfezionamento, which takes into account the different  approaches as an added value of the Italian “security system”.

Then, the  Chief of Police – Director General of Public Security Department, Prefetto Lamberto Giannini, illustrated this event and declared the following: “We firmly believe in the training activity. This course is intended to hone the professional expertise of the best Senior Police Officers/Officials and to enable them  to address and handle  the most important issues to be faced in our country. As a matter of fact,  this  debate has been organized with the aim of analyzing the remarkable  reform of justice and knowing the intentions and purposes of the highest  representatives of justice. This is very important for us”.”.

The Attorney General at the Corte Suprema di Cassazione (the highest judicial authority) Mr Giovanni Salvi, and the Deputy Chair of that Court, Mrs. Margherita Cassano, as well as the President of the Scuola Nazionale dell’Amministrazione (National Administration College),  Professor  Paola Severino and Professor Emeritus of Criminal Law Mr Franco Coppi illustrated in details the  changes introduced by  the delegated law  of 27 September  2021, nr. 134 regarding  the reform of criminal justice and participated in the debate concerning the relevant consequences of that reform. They deeply analyzed, respectively, the following  crucial issues of the reform: the “predictability in the judicial system”, the’“mandatory prosecution and the new  trial timeline”, “the restorative justice” and the relations between “reform and defence”.a”.

The conclusions of the debate, which was led by Mr Giovanni Bianconi, a journalist of the Corriere della Sera newspaper, were pointed out by the Minister of Justice, Professor  Marta Cartabia, who underlined that the main purpose of this reform is to increase the efficiency of the criminal proceedings and, at the same time, to emphasize two further crucial aspects of the judicial activity: the independence of judges and the quality of the judiciary. These innovations arise from the need to achieve  specific, realistic and unavoidable targets set out in  the P.N.R.R. in relation to the lenght of  criminal and civil proceedings (this latter is the subject of another provision), but this reform will affect also other  essential fields such as tax law, business crisis and judicial system.

The achievement of these targets, which have a strategic value since they represent one of the conditions for the granting of the European funds provided for by the P.N.R.R., is essential for the recovery of our country and is consistent with the constitutional and  supranational principles of “reasonable time of proceedings”, that is a fundamental requirement for a  “fair trial”.