Course on combating terrorism and subversion held at the Scuola nternazionale di Caserta (Caserta-based international advanced training institute  for the prevention and fight against organized crime) focused on subversion issues and the related police activities.

Several European and non-European  countries, a total of sixteen,  participated in this event: Jordan, Romania, China, Lithuania, Pakistan, Polonia, Somalia, Malta, Cameroon, Croatia, Sweden, Spain, Geece, the Netherlands, Guinea and Egypt.

As regards the Italian Police Forces, twelve trainees belonging to the  Four Italian Police Forces, that is to say National Police,  Carabinieri Corps,  Guardia di Finanza Corps and Prison Police, participated in this event.  They were  Police Forces Officers/Officials  having an background in the investigations into  criminal intelligence and cyber crime, with a special focus on domestic and international terrorism and  subversion.  All the participants  expressed their heartfelt appreciation for the increased skills and comprehensive  knowledge they have acquired during this training activity.

Some experts and profesionals in this field, coming both from Police Forces and from the judiciary and academic milieu, offered their contribution to develop the  know how of these training activities.