Panel Discussion on  “The victim–centred approach in the  legislative innovations outlined by the Red Code”

On 20 May 2024,  a Panel Discussion  on “The victim–centred approach in the legislative innovations outlined by  the Red Code” was held at the “Prefetto Carlo Mosca” Conference Hall in this Institute.

The lecturers attending this event were the following: Member of Parliament Martina Semenzato, President of the Bicameral Commission of Enquiry on Femicide and all forms of gender-based violence; Mr. Valerio de Gioia, Councillor of the Court of Appeal of Rome and Legal Advisor to the Commission; Mr. Stefano Delfini, Director of the Criminal Analysis Service at the Criminal Police Central Directorate; Mrs. Anna Maria Giannini, Professor of General Psychology at “La Sapienza” University in Rome.

The moderator at this event was Mr. Fabrizio Frullani, Deputy Director of RAI TG2.

Mrs. Semenzato opened the session  of the Panel Discussion  by recalling that the Commission she chairs is a Bicameral Commission of Inquiry where Members of Parliament  from the House of Deputies and the Senate, as well as  36 Commissioners, including 32 women, work and debate  synergistically.

Law 69 of 2019, Red Code,  represents a further significant initiative introduced by the legislator to tackle the phenomenon of domestic and gender-based violence. There are several substantial innovations, such as the increase in sentences and the introduction of new offences.

An important aspect is the prevention of this phenomenon, which includes  the new endorsement of the culture of respect. Obviously, this  approach is not  easy to be put into practice,  but  the help provided by family,  school and society can contribute to make this  a reality and not just a dream for all those women who are already victims or are about to become victims.