Inauguration of the 4th Refresher Course on “Security Expert”

On October  12 , 2020,  the 4th  Refresher Course on “Security Expert” was started. This Course, having a five-week duration, is attended by Senior Police Officers, in their capacity as trainees,  who will have to hold that peculiar position.

This role  was introduced by Decree Law No 225/2010, converted into Law No10 of  26 February 2011. The Security Expert is detached to foreign offices to implement international cooperation tasks in the field of prevention and repression of crime, terrorism and illegal trafficking at transnational   level, such as the trafficking in drugs and psychotropic substances and the  trafficking in human beings.

This Course started  in the classrooms  using the  face-to-face learning,  but actually it is delivered in distance-learning training, due to the new measures imposed  to counter the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.