Opening Ceremony of Academic Year  2022/2023

On 12 December 2022, the Academic Year 2022/2023 was opened at the Scuola di Perfezionamento per le Forze di Polizia of the Public Security Department. The President of the Constitutional Court, Professor Silvana Sciarra participated in this event. She was welcomed by the Minister of the Interior, Prefetto  Matteo Piantedosi, together with the Chief of Police – Director General of Public Security Department  Prefetto Lamberto Giannini and with the Academy Director, the Carabinieri Corps Major General Giuseppe La Gala.

The leaders of Police Forces, as well as the 23 trainees of the XXXVIII Advanced Training Course, together with 5 foreign Senior Police Officers/Officials attended the ceremony. Moreover, the trainees of the 48° Crime Analysis Course, as well as outstanding representatives of the political, institutional and academic milieus participated in this event.

The President of the Constitutional Court, after passing in review the interagency honor platoon deployed with the Italian National Police flag, reached the reception hall, where she met the most important Authorities and, as usual, put her signature on the Academy book of honor to commemorate this event.

In his opening speech, the Academy Director illustrated the guidelines of the academic training activity of this year and underlined that the continuous and non-uniform changes of security benchmarks, which are increasingly and rapidly developing, thus creating different and unpredictable challenges, produce a unavoidable and important impact on the training of those who, in the short and medium terms, are engaged, at the forefront, in facing the attacks to security in our societies. 

Therefore, in the light of the above, the guidelines of the training activity will be modified and updated, thus preserving the policy objectives which have been pursued during the last two years, such as institutional cooperation and the improvement of decision-making skills of the future Senior Police Officers/Officials attending the Advanced Training Courses.

The Academy Director emphasized several initiatives adopted with the aim of  strengthening institutional cooperation both at national and international level, in order to face the current emergencies, such as the energy crisis, the food crisis and the consequences of the wars which, unfortunately, represent the painful current situation affecting societies at international  level.

With reference to the training of the future Management-grade Police Officers/Officials, the purpose of the Academy is to provide them with the proper decision-making skills which are necessary to adopt the best solutions by means of improved knowledge in the technical and judicial fields, as well as to implement the essential approach to face situations and take their own responsibilities deriving from the implementation of the adopted solutions. The Academy Director stressed that this approach should be based on the principles of humility, bravery, faith and respect.  

In his lecture, the Minister of the Interior expressed his best wishes to the Senior Police Officers /Officials attending this Academic Year and encouraged the Academy Director to go on promoting a kind of outspread, crosswise and most advanced training.

“This Academy – the Minister declared – is the venue hosting the best practitioners of Police Forces. It represents an institution which, in the course of the years, has become a point of reference in the field of training also at international level. Those who are attending this training activity are provided not only with new professional expertise but also with a specific value–based approach to manage security matters”.

The Minister of the Interior emphasized that “Today the committment in  implementing security doesn’t represent only the capacity to manage and face criminal activity, but  also to  create a framework in which every citizen could feel more safe  as well as the capacity to provide conditions in which every individual could be able to  exercise his/her own rights “.

Professor Silvana Sciarra, who delivered her lectio-magistralis on the topic “The Constitutional Court and the safeguarding of  rights”, emphasized the importance  to promote a lifelong process of learning which represents both  a committment and a priviledge. Moreover, she illustrated in details some peculiar cases in which the Constitutional Court carries out its activity with the aim of “promoting the principle of  safeguarding of rights”.

In particular, Professor Sciarra illustrated the complexity of this matter and stressed the committment of the Constitutional Court in ensuring the implementation of the principle aiming at safeguarding the rights,   giving always the primary  importance to the value of the individual by means of the implementation the principle of good judment, proportionality and equality. Then, Minister Piantedosi officially declared the opening of the Academic Year 2022-2023 and concluded the ceremony.