91/2019 CEPOL course on “Hostile Environment Awareness Training”

From 11 to 15 November 2019 the residential course 91/2019 on “Hostile Environment Awareness Training” was organized in Laives (BZ) by the CEPOL National Unit, together with the 7° Regiment “Laives” of the Carabinieri Corps.

During the five day course, 30 Senior Police Officers coming from EU countries and European Agencies (Europol, CEPOL and Frontex), completed the course, which was aimed at increasing the resilience of personned employed in missions, providing them with further skills in basic security systems and practical expertise, as well as giving knowledge, tools and techniques which are necessary to avoid possible dangerous situations and face them from the proper approach. These activities have implied intense physical and mental efforts and have been very appreciated by all the participants for the professionalism and carefulness showed at organizational level.