course on “countering terrorism financing” – EUROMED IV

From 27 to 29 November 2019, in the framework of the EUROMED Police IV project, the course on “Countering Terrorism Financing” was organized by the CEPOL National Unit at the Interagency Law Enforcement Academy of Advanced Studies.

During the three day course, 25 Senior Police Officers coming from some EU countries as well as from some countries joining the project and surrounding the Mediterranean Sea (Palestine, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon), have addressed some of the main topics concerning the most important challenges related to global security as well as the fight against terrorism and its financing.

These topics have been analyzed with high professionalism and carefulness by qualified experts in this field coming from the National Anti-Mafia Directorate, the Guardia di Finanza Corps, the Customs Agency, Western Union, Santander Bank and Europol.