Il Direttore della Scuola ha incontro e intervistato il Generale Giovanni Caravelli, Direttore dell’Agenzia di Informazione per i Servizi Esterni (A.I.S.E.)

In the morning of 8 February 2024, the Scuola di Perfezionamento Director, National Police Dirigente Generale Maurizo Vallone, interviewed the  Army Corps General Caravelli, Director of the External Intelligence and Security Agency (A.I.S.E. according to the Italian acronym). This meeting was held at the “Prefetto Carlo Mosca” Conference Hall at the Scuola di Perfezionamento per le Forze di Polizia.

Director Vallone expressed his thanks to General Caravelli for his presence and underlined the operational activity carried out by Director Caravelli in his capacity as Army Corps General.

As a matter of fact, General Caravelli has got a long operational experience, since he held important positions including  missions abroad,  for example in Afghanistan and Kosovo.

In the past, he held the position of Deputy Director of A.I.S.E. and in 2020 he was designated as Director of that Agency.

General Caravelli illustrated the organization of the External Intelligence and Security Agency and its branches abroad.

This Agency is in charge of collecting and processing all the information useful to preserve independence, integrity and security of the Italian Republic and to  face  threats coming from abroad.

“All the information, which are collected also by means of Security Services of allied or cooperating countries, provide for a valuable contribution with the aim of ensuring security in our country”.

Moreover, the Agency cooperates in the fight against cyber threats and threats posed by cross-border organized crime.