Lectures delivered by Prefetto Vittorio Rizzi and Prefetto Bruno Frattasi

On 27 April 2021, a cycle of study meetings addressed to the Senior Police Officers/Officials attending the XXXVI Advanced Training Course continued to be held at our Academy. These meetings were focused on some topics which are particularly important and interesting in the current situation. 

In the morning of 27 April 2021 Prefetto Vittorio Rizzi, Deputy Director General of Public Security Department-Central Director of Criminal Police, delivered a lecture on “The risks of infiltration by organized crime groups in the legal economy during  the period of COVID-19 pandemic emergency”.

On the same day, Prefetto Bruno Frattasi, Chief of Staff of the Minister of the Interior,  delivered a lecture focused on “Public Security Authorities as the  pivots of the information networks for the prevention activity and the joint coordination”.