SISFOR Extended

The success achieved in terms of participation of users as well as of appreciation of this innovative training method ,which includes an increasing digitalization of daily work activities, brought about the start of a new developing phase of the system indicated as “SISFOR Extended”. This new phase is aimed at spreading the use of this platform over the whole national territory.
This initiative, which was launched at the end of 2019, continued in 2020 and overcome all the difficulties deriving from the spreading of Covid-19 pandemic and the forced isolation. In January 2021, the use of SISFOR platform was disseminated at national level. Year after year, this online training system has been improved, thus reaching higher training standards and achieving considerable results especially in relation to Professional Refresher Courses. The creation of e-learning modules, which are designed to meet the current needs and the new emergencies, has assumed a special importance also due to the contribution provided for by the experts in the different topics to be dealt with. They are selected among Senior Police Officers/Officials for the professional training and among University Professors and Trainers for judicial issues and other kinds of topics.
As from 31 May 2021 the Scuola di Perfezionamento per le Forze di Polizia, which is the only institute at the Public Security Department responsible for the interagency training, was tasked with managing and developing the activities of the e-learning training system indicated as “SISFOR”.
The “SISFOR Group”, which is under the authority of the Academy Director, was tasked with checking the operation of this IT infrastructure as well as with conducting research activity for the development of new competences and skills (Upskilling – Reskilling) in the field of security through massive online training.