Study visit to Paris of the XXXVI Advanced Training Course

The study visit to Paris of the XXXVI Advanced Training Course was focused on the topics concerning the French security and Law enforcement system, the management of the crisis scenarios and the threat analysis.

On this occasion,  many visits and meetings were organized at the Paris-based Ecole Militaire, the General Command of the  Gendarmerie Nationale, the General Command of the Gard Rèpublicaine and the French National Police Units, thus allowing the trainees of the XXXVI Advanced Training Course to conclude their training activity and to get deep knowledge and direct information about the correspondent  French police bodies. 

This initiative is part of a project aiming at strenghtening the international  dimension of  training at the International Law Enforcement Academy of Advanced Studies  which, in the next years, is going to develop the opportunities to exchange knowledge and experiences in the field of security with the homologous EU and non-EU training institutes. 

This trend will allow to better develop the training activity of Italian Managament Grade Police Officiers/Officials, as well as to make prevention and repression activity more efficient and planned, with the aim of countering the new and increasingly complex threats to security in our Country.