Meeting on the anti-mafia interdiction measures held at the Scuola di Perfezionamento per le Forze di Polizia (Interagency Law Enforcement Academy of Advanced Studies)

In the morning of 4 May 2022 the round table meeting on the topic: “Anti-mafia interdiction measures” was held at the “Prefetto Carlo Mosca” Conferece Hall.
The meeting was attended by prominent lecturers, such as the President of the Council of State Franco Frattini, the Interior Minister’s Cabinet Head, Pref. Bruno Frattasi, the President of the Campania Region Administrative Court, Mr. Vincenzo Salamone, Mrs. Maria Alessandra Sandulli, Full Professor of Administrative Law at the “Roma Tre” University, the Catanzaro-based Prosecutor Nicola Gratteri, the President of the Venice-based Court of First Instance, Mr Salvatore Laganà, as well as the Prefetto of Reggio Calabria, Mr. Massimo Mariani.
Our Academy Director, Carabinieri Corps Major General Giuseppe La Gala, together with the Deputy Director General of Public Security Department, Prefetto Maria Luisa Pellizzari, addressed their welcome greetings to the audience. This event represented an important occasion to share experiences and knowledge with the aim of analyzing the strategic values of the interdiction measures in the framework of anti- mafia activities, as it was underlined by President Frattini in his opening lecture.
Then, the other lecturers illustrated the development of the rules in force in this field, with a special focus on the news introduced by Legislative Decree 6 November 2021, no 152, converted with modifications by Law 9 December 2021, no 233 – on “Urgent provisions for the implementation of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR according to the Italian acronym) and for the prevention of mafia infiltration” – and analyzed the most concrete aspects regarding their application. The session, organized together with the Police Forces Coordination and Planning Office, was addressed to the trainees of the XXXVII Advanced Training Course, to those attending the 116° Refresher Course on Interagency Coordination and International Cooperation, as well as to several representatives of the security sector. Moreover, all the Prefetture and the representatives of the Interagency Anti-Mafia Units (GIA according to the Italian acronym) were involved to participate via conference call, taking into account the strategic role performed by them in the framework of the anti-mafia administrative prevention activity.