A training internship for the XXXVI Advanced Training Course started at our Academy with the aim of analyzing in details the structural and functional  organization of some Central Directorates of  Public Security Department. The purpose of this event is to provide trainees with an overwiev of the activities carried out by the many  sectors of Public Security Administration, with a view of broadening their knowledge about the different organizational units.

This internship, having a three-days’ duration, was opened by Prefetto Vittorio Rizzi, Deputy General Director of Public Security Department-Central Director of Criminal Police, who was welcomed by our Academy Director, Carabinieri Corps Major General Giuseppe La Gala, as well as by the II Service Head,  National Police Dirigente Superiore  Rosaria D’Errico. 

Prefetto Rizzi participated in all the most important parts of the meeting. Among the many lectures  devoted to  the Italian and foreign trainees attending the Advanced Training Course, the ones  delivered by video-conference by the Executive Director of EUROPOL, Catherine De Bolle, as well as by the Secretary General of INTERPOL, Jurgen Stock and by the Albanian State Police Chief, Ardi Veliu, are to be mentioned.

The Central Directorate for Traffic, Railway and Communications Police as well as the National Police Specials Units and the Central Directorate for Immigration and  Border Police are scheduled to participate in the next days of this event.