Round table on the prevention of international unlawful acts against ships and port facilities.

In the afternoon of 14 December 2023, the round table on the  “Prevention of international unlawful acts against ships and port facilities in the light of the current international geo-politic scenario”  was held at the “Cenacolo” conference hall in the Scuola di Perfezionamento. This event was organized in the framework of aset of seminars concerning several topics provided for by the curriculum of the XXXIX Advanced Training Course.  

After the welcome speech delivered by National Police Dirigente Generale  Maurizio Vallone, Director of the  Scuola di Perfezionamento, several lecturers took the floor during the  meeting, which was  directed by the reporter  Claudia Conte. These lecturers were the following: the Rear Admiral  Giovanni Galatolo, President of the MAG International S.r.L.; the  National Police Primo Dirigente Arturo Varriale, Director of the Division for International Cooperation Relations and Initiatives – Prevention Police Central Directorate; the Engineer  Federica Monterosi, Secretary General Port System Authority of the Eastern Ligurian Sea, ports of La Spezia and Marina di Carrara; the Rear Admiral  Sergio Pellegrini, Managing Director of  MAG International S.r.l; the National Police  Primo Dirigente  Roberto Mattei, Director of the  II Division of  the Border Police Service – Border Police and Immigration Central Directorate; the  Guardia di Finanza Colonel Diego Falciani,  Chief of Aeronaval and Out-of-Area Operations Service – Operations Control Room of the  Guardia di Finanza General Headquarters.

In line with the trends of this Institute,  the above-mentioned outstanding lecturers conducted an in–depth analysis of the subject matter and illustrated it from several points of view, on the basis of  a  multi-subjective approach and according to their respective background. In addition to the already known illicit trafficking where ports are distribution hubs (smuggled goods and drugs), particular attention was paid to the current main geopolitical crisis situations in the Mediterranean area, with the possibility  for our ports to be targets of terrorist attacks. The lecturers focused their attention on the prevention and  security of port facilities.